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facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby featherThe idea of this site has been on my mind even before my first visit to Hawaii. At the time there were a number of web cam’s available to view in Hawaii, but very few were streaming and even fewer had the capability for the end user, (you and I) to control the cameras ourselves.

Times have changed quite a bit, and I’ve been back to the Islands a few times since.  Of course I’ve wanted to wet my appetite and be able to catch a few minutes of a Hawaiian views every day.  This would get me through until I can get back for yet another visit.

This site will be growing more and more as I can get more cameras linked in. I will be more than happy to take suggestions if you have some favorite cameras that I haven’t set up yet.

If you love Hawaii as much as I do, I hope you get to enjoy this site too.



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